Pattana Golf Resort and Sport Club

Pattana Golf Resort and Sport Club is one of the well known golf clubs in Thailand. This state-of-the-art golf course is one of the premier golf courses in Pattaya, one of the beading beach holiday destinations of Thailand that in frequented by the national and international tourists every year. Large sections of these etourist come in Pattaya to spend a peaceful golf holiday. Pattana Golf Resort and Sport Club provides them the perfect ambience for enjoying a game of golf. The golf course of this club has earned reputation from the golfers who played in this golf course.

Pattana Golf Resort and Sport Club is a reputed golf course in Pattaya. According to many golfers this golf resort has the second best golf course in Pattaya area. This resort is perfect for a relaxing golf holiday. The sports club in Pattaya has a 27-hole layout of golf course. This layout includes three 9-hole golf courses. The names of these golf courses are Andreae, Brookei and Calypso. All these courses are well maintained and are covered with lush greenery. The entire golf course is built on 1000 acres of land. The layout of this golf course is made quite interesting and challenging with large water hazards, palm trees, lightning fast greens. If you are a scratch golfer or handicapper then you are going to have a great time in this golf course.

Pattana Golf Resort and Sport Club also offers some wonderful accommodation facilities. The facilities include a 117 room hotel, a 70 services apartment as well as several other serviced villas. Facilities like restaurants, sports complex and practice area are also available in this golf resort. This makes the golf resort in Pattaya a perfect accommodation for a golf holiday.

Golf Courses in Pattaya

Pattaya, the famous beach destination of Thailand is also well known as a golf destination. From a sleepy fishing village, Pattaya has grown into a popular spot for rest and recreation in Thailand. The city has recently become famous for its golf tours. The city is home to a number of golf courses where you can enjoy a good game. The golf courses of the city are designed as per international standards and are often rated highly by the national and international golfers. Even the professional golfers have also rated some of the Pattaya golf courses highly.

Pattaya golf tours have recently become quite popular among the international tourists. The beautiful beach destination is now being known as a popular golf destination in Thailand. Pattaya is home to a number of golf courses and golf clubs. You are sure to have a great time in these golf courses in Pattaya. Most of these golf courses are situated near the mountains so you can get a wonderful view of the mountains and plains while enjoying a game of golf in these golf courses.

In Pattaya you can find a number of golf courses where you can enjoy a great time. Khao Kheow Country Club is one of the most well known golf courses in Thailand. It is a 27-hole golf course situated near the Khao Kheow open zoo. You can see amazing landscape from this golf course. The club offers different challenges for the golf enthusiasts of every level. Laemchabang International County Club is also a 27-hole golf course near Pattaya, where you can enjoy a great game of golf. Burapha Golf Club is another golf course situated near the Chonburi Pattaya highway. St. Andrews 2000 Golf Club and Eastern Star Golf Course are two 18-hole golf courses in Pattaya .

Pattaya Sports Club

Pattaya Sports Club is one of the most reputed sports clubs in the eastern region of Thailand. The club plays a major role in the sport scenario of Pattaya and the places in and around the Thai beach destination. The sports club in Pattaya from time to time organizes a number of sports activities for the amateur sports enthusiasts. You can also take active part in these sports activities. You are sure to have a galore of good time taking part in the sports activities organized by the Pattaya Sports Club.

Pattaya Sports Club is one of the oldest sports clubs in Pattaya. This sports club is now situated at Pattaya Third Road. It was established in the year 1979. At that time Pattaya was a sleepy fishing village which was visited by weekenders from Bangkok once in a while. Form those days, Pattaya has now grown into an international beach destination. People from across the world come to this Thai beach destination for rest and recreation. With the development of the city Pattaya Sports Club has grown too. At present the club has over 20000 members.

At Pattaya Sports Club you will find a number of sport activities of your choice. You can play golf in the golf course of the club or can take part in a bridge game. Lawn bowling, ten pin bowling, soft ball and dart events are other regular events that take place at this club. If you are fond of fishing you can also have a great time at this club. The club from time to time organizes fishing tournaments for the fishing enthusiasts.

Apart from organizing different sorts event this sports club in Pattaya also contributes in local charities and has also sponsored the Special Olympics event in Thailand.

Beach activities in Pattaya

If you want to have some fun with sea, sand and sun in Thailand, then Pattaya - the well known beach destination of the country, is the ideal place for you. The city offers you a wide scope for fun and frolic on the sandy beaches. Whether you are visiting Pattaya with your family or with your friends, you are sure to love this city. There are a number of beaches in Pattaya where you can have a happy holiday. No matter whether you are visiting the Pattaya beach, Jomtien Beach or Naklua beach you are sure to find different kinds of beach activities there. Trust me; you are going to have a galore of good times in these beaches of Pattaya.

Pattaya Beach, which is the most populated beach in Pattaya, is situated at the center of the city. In this beach you can enjoy a sun bath, play with your kids and can even enjoy sports activities like beach volleyball. For more adventurous souls the beach also has options for paragliding, jet skiing and even wind surfing. You can also take the traditional route of fun and board on a slippery banana boat and enjoy the thrill.

There are a lot of activities to enjoy in the beaches of Thailand. You can build sand castles with your kid. You can also play beach volleyball with your friends or enjoy a good bathing in the azure blue sea.
If you are willing to go a little further from Pattaya, you can also enjoy scuba diving. There are two groups of islands near Pattaya where you can enjoy a wonderful experience of scuba diving. A trip to these islands also calls for a happy time in the realm of nature. It can also be a trip worth remembering.

Pattaya Island Scuba Diving Destinations

In the Thai beach destination Pattaya you can have a variety of fun and amusement on the shore and off it. The beautiful beach destination is famous for rest and recreation. Situated at a distance of just 140 km from the capital of the country, Pattaya has recently become the most popular beach destination in Thailand. If you come to Pattaya from Bangkok it will take you just about one and a half hour. There are a lot of things to do in Pattaya. You can indulge into a lot of beach activities and water sports on the beautiful beaches in Pattaya. If you want to enjoy some really exciting and trilling experience you can also opt for scuba diving at the small islands near Pattaya.

The islands in and around Pattaya are known as Mu Ko Lan or ‘near island’ and Ko Phai or ‘far island’. Mu Ko Lan includes three islands and Ko Phai includes four islands. The islands of Mu Ko Lan include Ko Lan, Ko Sak and Ko Kronk whereas the islands of Mu Ko Phai include Ko Phai, Ko Man Wichai, Ko Klung Badan and Ko Hu Chang. These islands are situated just off the Pattaya shore. You can reach these islands by speedboats and ferries. These islands are well known for their natural beauty. Many tourists also visit the beautiful islands to spend a quiet time in the lap of nature.

These Pattaya islands have developed into world class scuba diving destinations. Tourist from different parts of the world come to these scuba diving destination to have a lot of fun while enjoying scuba diving. If you love scuba diving and other water adventures then these Thai scuba diving destinations in Pattaya can be ideal for you and your family. You will have a galore of good time in these Pattaya Island.

Fairtex Sports and Racquet Club

Do you want to enjoy a plethora of fitness activities during your stay in Pattaya? Then you can have a happy stay at Fairtex Sports and Racquet Club and Resort in Pattaya. The sports club is one of the major sports club in Pattaya. It is also famous as a Muay Thai training camp. If you are sure to your stay in this sports club cum resort very exciting. In this Pattaya resort you will have a plethora of facilities needed for a luxurious stay. And a complementary session at the Fairtex Sports club comes as an added benefit.

If you are a fitness enthusiast and want to continue with your fitness regime even when you are on vacation then you must book your accommodation in Fairtex Sports and Racquet Club and Resort. In this club you can have a great deal of fitness facilities that will not only help you to keep up with your fitness regime but will also inspire you to take up a new sport or fitness training.

Fairtex Sports and Racquet Club and Resort in Pattaya comes with a state of the art health center that is well equipped with all types of modern facilities. You can spend hours in this health center on treadmills or enjoy good strength training program. You can also learn aerobics, free weights and hot yoga to boost up your fitness regime. If you are a sports enthusiast you can also enjoy a number of sports in this club. You can opt for squash, tennis, basketball and badminton. If you want to learn new sports, the club will provide you facility to take lessons of Muay Thai, the well known Thai boxing. For those who love adventurous activities, the club also provides rock climbing facilities. Thus, there is no scope to have a dull moment at Fairtex Sports and Racquet Club.

Bira International Circuit

If you are interested in speed racing or motorcycle racing then you must visit the Bira International Circuit during your trip to Thailand. Bira International Circuit is one of the most well known race tracks in Thailand. A number of motor cycle races, karting and off road races are held in this 2.41 km racing track in Thailand. it is a must visit destination for those who love adventure sports and speed sports like motor cycle racing, go-karting and off road racing. Watching a racing event at this stadium is an experience to remember. You are surely going to love this experience.

Bira International Circuit is located at a short distance from Pattaya, the famous beach destination of Thailand. The amazing circuit covers an area of 65 acres or 164 rais. The racing track is situated on State Highway 36 that connects Pattaya with Rayong. In other words, the distance of this circuit from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is just 120 km. from Pattaya; you need to cover just 20 km to reach Bira International Circuit. If you are visiting Bira Circuit from Bangkok, you can use Bangkok-Chonburi motorway too. It will take you a little over one hour to reach the place.

Bira International Circuit is the only internationally certified race track in Thailand. This circuit is named after Prince Bira, who was the one and only formula one driver from Thailand. This circuit has state of the art facilities to arrange all kind of motor sport events including race meeting, racing school, practice and test run. Since the race track is established it has hosted numerous motor racing events on national and international importance. The race track has become a prominent race track of Southeast Asia. This circuit was recently renovated and has been certified by FIA.